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How to Help?


The last decade has seen a drastic increase in the scale of threats facing the ocean and its wildlife. Advances in technology have allowed for bigger and more efficient fishing fleets targeting area’s that were once out a reach. The wasteful practice of shark finning has risen radically pushing many shark populations to the brink of collapse. Climate change and pollution are having devastating effects on critical marine environments and the creatures living within them. 

A once abundant wilderness brimming with life is being plundered at an alarming rate with little understanding or consideration of the possible consequences. The severe lack of public awareness surrounding marine issues is paving the way to an ecological disaster on a global scale.
How you can help


Join Sharklife

Add strength to the Sharklife Conservation Group by becoming a member. Your membership helps to support the organization and its conservation objectives.
  • Sharklife is a registered non-profit organisation
  • Sharklife relies on a growing membership to expand its projects

Learn More about Sharks

By increasing your knowledge and understanding of sharks you will be more informed to make choices that promote ocean conservation. Start a Sharklife course today!

Learn More >>>  (link to Sharklife training site)

  • The majority of people think sharks eat people
  • Most people have no idea of how sharks breed
  • Sharklife courses can be done online!



Seafood - Be Aware

The consumption of seafood at current volumes cannot be sustained, destructive and wasteful fishing methods only serve to hasten the collapse of vulnerable marine environments.
  • An estimated 100 million tons of wild fish is removed from the oceans every year, that is the equivalent weight of approximately 200 million cows
  • 76% of world fish stocks are exploited at or above sustainable levels
  • People are eating wild marine animals as if they were farmed and easily renewable


Shark Products - Be Aware

Shark products vary from medicines to clothing and curios. Do not by products that contain any part of a shark species.

Learn More >>>

  • Shark cartilage is a poor remedy for osteo-arthritis
  • Buying shark teeth or jaws fuels the demand and results in more sharks being hunted
  • Sharks populations cannot withstand commercial exploitation

Recycling - You Can!

Pollution is a global problem that starts in the home. By taking responsibility for our own household waste you can make a significant difference to marine conservation.

Learn More >>>  (link to 5 Gyre site)

  • 100 million tons of plastics enter the ocean each year
  • 17 million tons of sewage, sludge and garbage enter the ocean each year
  • 44% of all waste entering the ocean comes from rivers which are polluted inland