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Sharklife Ocean Centre

Sharklife Ocean Discovery Centre

The Sharklife Ocean Center aims to educate people about the importance of conserving the ocean and its apex predators.

center front

The Sharklife Ocean Center has been developed using a combination of authentic specimens and bold infographics to highlight key learning points relating to sharks and the marine habitat. 

Sharklife room 004 small

Above: the Sharklife lecture room is equiped with aircon and audio visual equipment to provide a professional learning environment.

 The Sharklife Ocean Center will provide a platform from which to build and expand current Sharklife conservation projects and initiatives. 

species displays

Above: Informative graphics are brought to life with authentic specimens of the relevant species. 

 The opening of the Sharklife Ocean Center represents a huge step forward for the organisation and is a culmination of long-term effort and support from committed members and dive partners who have contributed to Sharklife over the years. 

threats importance displays

Above: a diverse combination of specimens help to deepen the visitors understanding on a wide variety of topics.  

Everyone is welcome to visit the centre to find out more and support this worthy initiatve. 

Entry: R25 per adult , Kids U12 free

Times: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17:00

Contact:035 571 0417

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