RUV Deployment

Sharklife has successfully conducted a number of RUV (remote underwater video) surveys this week assessing ragged-tooth shark movements.

Not only are RUV surveys useful for observing the behaviour of the ragged-tooth sharks in the absence of humans but also for determining the presence of other elasmobranch species in the area. RUV surveys provide large amounts of data in the form of time lapse photos or video which is important when studying highly mobile and often fast swimming elasmobranchs. Sharklife interns have done a fantastic job this week in reviewing all the footage and identifying several other elamobranch species caught on the camera, including blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) and oscellated eagle rays (Aetobatus ocellatus).

RUV deployment 1RUV deployment 3 

Author: Emma Williams






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