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Shark Videos

Check out these shark videos!

Tiger Shark Love - Tarantino


A short documentary about the Tide that is Turning against Shark Fin


Sea Shepards and Sea Stewards discuss shark finning

Sea Stewards David McGuire discuss shark finning.



Whale Shark Finning

A poor whale shark had its fins cut off while still alive, then left to die slowly. Some divers tow it to shore

333-death of a deity

Sharks, their beauty and their plight


Great White Sharks

Great white sharks leap out of the water in pursuit of their favourite food - seals


Sharklife "A Real Shark Attack"

Real shark attacks happening by the thousands every day? 


Tiger Sharks VS Turtles

Why does one kind of turtle escape hungry tiger sharks, but another doesn't? 

Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are known to attack humans. Crittercam goes with them to see how they hunt.

Whale Sharks

How does the whale shark feed its colossal 10-ton appetite?


Hammerhead Sharks

Explore the world of the strange-looking Hammerhead shark.



Rarely Seen Sharks

Meet three unusual sharks who lurk at the bottom of the sea.